As child growing up with a heart defect, I couldn’t always do what everyone else did.  Books and my imagination provided a magical retreat.  Thanks to my wonderfully supportive family, and talented doctors, I lead a normal life now.  But I’ve never lost that thrill of being transported into another time, place or riding the rollercoaster of love.  So welcome to my world where anything can happen... and usually does!

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female character

The daring ladies of the Bliss Society are back.
Just wait to see whose love life they
are meddling in now...

Courting ScandalCourting Scandal

a new regency
by Catherine Stang & Donna McAteer


This time Darcy, Francine and Corina may be getting in over their heads as they take on two projects at the same time.

First they must rescue Isabel Lawrence, Bumbling Belle, from the gossip pages of Amanda Hayworth's Society Notes.  The innocent, yet, clumsy female tumbles headlong into the life of the Ice Earl, Jordan Lennox, Earl Milborough, ruining his quest to settle into a quiet scandal-free marriage.

Of course they simply cannot ignore the plight of Cecily Hammond, who is trapped in a loveless marriage with her husband Simon Hammond, Viscount Byford.

More than sex and marriage are at stake as The Bliss Society uncovers some family secrets and a scandalous affair sure to unhinge the ton.

Available from: www.whiskeycreekpress.comamazon-logo


Excerpt 1: Isabel and Jordan

"What's the Ice Earl doing here?" Laurette pointed down to the carriage below in the driveway. "I wonder what he wants."

Isabel blushed as her sister turned to look at her. "I have no idea." She didn't think she'd see him again.

"Uh-huh." Laurette gave her that you're-not fooling-me look. "I heard you danced with him last night after he was out in the garden with his hand up your skirt."

Her mouth dropped open and she stared at her sister. "Where did you hear that?"

"Amanda Hayworth says he carried you off" Laurette waved the paper she'd retrieved from the dresser drawer.

"Give me that." Isabel snatched the paper from her younger sister's hand. "Why didn't you tell me The Society Notes was here? I looked this morning and couldn't find it."

"Mama had tossed it out, but I got it out of the trash can."

What could Miss Hayworth have said that would provoke her mother to toss it away without letting her read it? Isabel's face grew hot as she read Miss Hayworth's account of what happened with Milborough.

Milborough. Her face grew even hotter just thinking about him. The way he'd held her when they danced. How he carried her outside. She'd been stunned when he crossed the room to help her. Although, he'd been watching her for some time, she never believed he'd come near her again. And now, he was here. She shuddered to think what that meant.

Oh mercy… What if he'd read…

Laurette snapped her fingers in front of her eyes. "Quit daydreaming and give me the whole story. What's he really like? Is he as cold as they say? Can he really freeze you with a look? I hear just being near him makes you shiver."

It did, but not for the reasons Laurette was thinking. "Earl Milborough is a bit intimidating, but I don't know about cold."

Her sister scrunched up her face, cocking her head and tapping a finger against her chin. "There's something you aren't telling me."

"Isabel," her mother poked her head around the door, "your father wants to see you in his study."

Laurette wiggled her brows. “The plot thickens.”

Excerpt 2: Simon and Cecily

Bloody hell. Simon had to practically run to catch up with Cecily. She was being lifted up into the carriage when he did catch up. He got in beside her, slamming the door as he dropped down onto the seat across from her. She was upset. That was obvious from the way she refused to look at him.

“I promised to spend the evening with you and I intend to.” Hell, the way he said it made it sound like a threat. That wasn’t his intention, but it did get her attention.

“Don’t do me any favors.”

“I’m not.” The club was sounding more and more like a good idea. Too bad he’d just promised to stay home.

Although not all that far of a drive, the carriage ride seemed interminable. Simon had no idea what to say, so he’d said nothing.

Staring at his wife, who looked utterly miserable, he let out a sigh. “What do you want from me?”


Now there was a lie if he ever heard one. Of course she wanted something from him or she wouldn’t have locked him out of their bedroom.

More Than a WIfe

Find out what brought The Bliss Society together...

#1 Best Seller & Featured Best Seller

2010 EPPIE Finalist!

more-than-a-wife-coverMore than a Wife

A Regency Romance

by Catherine Stang & Donna McAteer

Meet the daring women of The Bliss Society.   
They want what their husbands give their mistresses... pleasure.

Andre Duncan, Earl Westbrook, discovers how complicated life can be when you marry your mistress. Many of the things he loved about Corina when she was his mistress embarrass him now that she is his wife. Can he really have both a wife and a lover all in one?

Convinced that she can’t be a proper wife for Andre, Corina moves out and tries to persuade him to let her go. Her stubborn husband won’t agree, risking further damage to his standing in society.

Enter two outspoken women of the ton who call themselves The Bliss Society. They offer Corina an exchange: her knowledge of sexual expertise for theirs of how to be a respectable ton wife. Does she dare hope that she can overcome a bad beginning? Will the ton allow her to?

Available from: www.whiskeycreek.comamazon-logo



4 stars! "McAteer and Stang create a seamless novel that readers will enjoy. The primary and secondary characters are sharp and clearly defined, and it's wonderful to see the friendship between all of the characters develop. The passion between the protagonists is undeniable, but even more compelling is the emotional intimacy that develops. This solid start to the Bliss Society series will have readers anticipating the next installment."
– reviewed by Keitha Hart for Romantic Times Book


Excerpt 1:

Jewels didn’t seem appropriate.  Although, since Corina was back living in the mistress house he probably should try something glittery to catch her eye.  But instead Andre opted for flowers.  Knowing roses were her favorite, he’d found a man who grew beautiful ones.

So here he stood on the steps like a chump with a huge bouquet of red, pink and white roses.  Of course, it was still bloody raining.

Nassar opened the door.  This time he grinned at him. “Ah, you come back.  You court. Very good.”

For all the good it would do him.  After two long days and two lonely sleepless nights, he’d finally decided to come.

Nassar stepped back letting Andre walk into house which was still decorated in gaudy, gilded red and gold with the pictures of naked cherubs and erotic statues that they used to laugh about.  They’d once felt deliciously wicked here.  This use to be his retreat, a place that he could be himself and let his dark passions run free.  Being here used to bring him comfort.  Not only was he surrounded by objects of sexual promiscuity, but he had also splurged on outrageously extravagant furnishings for the house that Corina never asked for.  Chandeliers of crystal, full sets of silver dinnerware, even a well-equipped kitchen; although he rarely gave her time to eat.  He’d set her up with a very generous allowance too, which to this day he suspected she put in the bank.  Now he felt empty standing among the ruins of their once happy life.

“You stay.  I tell.” Nassar bowed as he disappeared.

Not knowing what else to do, he stood holding the flowers, wondering if she would actually see him.

What would he do if she didn’t?

Before nerves could fully get the better of him, the huge man reappeared.

“She see you.”

He led Andre into a room that looked like the boudoir in one of London’s finest men’s clubs.  The thick carpet, marble fireplace and rich, decadently upholstered furnishings boasted of a kept woman. E’gads he’d forgotten how elaborate it was.  Mirrors graced a number of walls along with silk and gold enrichments from ceiling to floor. His gaze caught on the oil painting of a Rubenesque-like nude reclining on a chaise displaying her body to the viewer. He was getting hard just thinking of all the ways they’d made love in this room.  Even more so when he turned to face Corina, who sat perched on the edge of the red velvet chair that looked like a throne from some erotic tale.

Corina stood, trying in vain to hide her shaking hands.  At least she was as nervous as he was.  Maybe that was a good sign.

“I brought you some flowers,” he said, stating the obvious as if she couldn’t see that.  E’gads he was babbling like a school boy.

“Thank you.”  She handed them to Nassar.  “Have these put in water for me, please.”

Nassar hesitated, but then nodded before he left.

Now that they were alone, he needed to talk to her.  They weren’t going to get anywhere staring at each other.  He might as well get right to the point.  Who knew how long the big man would be gone?

“I’m not going to let you divorce me.”

“I should have known you wouldn’t be reasonable.”

“I am being reasonable.  You’re the one who is not.  Damn it, Corina, what do you want from me.  I gave you the protection of my name and—”

“And a chance to be respectable.  Well no thanks.  I’d take the passion of being scandalous over cold respectability any day.”

“What the bloody hell is that supposed to mean?”

“The moment I became your wife you started treating me differently.”

“I had a staff of respectable servants.  I couldn’t very well have sex on the floor in every bleeding room of my house.  Besides you were pregnant.”  As soon as the word escaped his mouth he regretted it.  Saying that word out loud sucked all the pretenses out of the room, leaving them both vulnerable and naked.

“And we both know that’s why you lowered yourself to marry me.”

“I…”  He opened and closed his mouth.  They both knew it was true, so there was no sense in denying it.  He would have kept her his mistress if she hadn’t gotten pregnant.

“We can’t correct the past,” he said quietly.

“No we can’t.”  She folded her arms over her chest protectively.

“So what do you want?”

“A man who makes love to me with passion.  One who doesn’t treat me like I’m glass.”

“I back.”  Nassar reappeared, looming large in the doorway.  “You go.  Pay more tomorrow.”

He was beginning to think he was going to pay for a lifetime.

Excerpt 2:

Someone was pounding on the door.  Corina threw back the covers and pulled on her robe before padding to the door of her bedroom.  Who could be here at this hour of the night?

She went to the top of the stairs to listen.  The pounding grew louder.  Where was Nassar?  Why wasn’t he answering it?

Oh, shoot, she’d forgotten that she’d given him the night off.

Should she answer it?

She crept down the stairs. Through the curtains lightning flashed and rain poured.  Inside her house was quiet.

The pounding grew louder and more insistent.

Not being able to resist any longer, she pulled the door open to find her rain-soaked husband, standing with this fist poised to knock again.  Andre looked like a wild man with his hair all mussed, and the rain streaming down his face.

“It’s late.  I don’t feel like talking,” she blurted out, hoping he would see reason and leave.

“That makes two of us.”  He stepped forward, forcing her back into the house as he slammed the door.

“Andre, I don’t…” She backed up again, wary of the expression on his face.

“What?” He pulled off his coat, tossing it down on the floor.   “Like being flipping proper.”  His cravat followed.  “Do you think I do either?”

He began unbuttoning his shirt.  Then in frustration he ripped it, sending buttons flying.  “I bloody well hate being proper.”

“Andre.  I don’t—”

“What?”  He began undoing his pants.  “Want to live in my world?  Do you think I do either?  I used to love this house.  This place was my haven.  I could leave my world behind.  I’ve ruined that, too.”

She swallowed hard as his shoes came off along with his pants.  He moved purposely toward her, all solidly-built, fully-aroused male, stalking her like a tiger looking for prey.

She turned to flee, but he caught her arm, pushing her back against the wall.

“Do you want to be bad?” he whispered against her neck as he lifted her gown, pulling it over her head and tossing it into the air.  “Then let’s be bad together.”